Friday, August 09, 2019

Fabulous lunch, wine-tasting, and good deed

I had a fabulous lunch on Thursday. I went out with my department to a new restaurant and had a vegan pizza with lots of mushrooms. It was delicious!

Later on in the evening, I went to a wine-tasting event. I got to try three different white wines, followed by three different red wines. We also had food to nibble on. I loved it.

I said hi to a person at the event. We have crossed paths for a while. She rarely talks to folks. I decided to break the ice. It worked.

At the end of the event, she asked me if I could drive her to the closest intersection, so she could catch a bus. I said yes.

After talking to her in my car for a bit, I found out that she doesn't live too far from me. I offered to drive her home. She was so appreciative that she said that she'd buy me a coffee next time.

It pays to be nice and do something nice for someone, to make that person's day and yours.

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