Monday, July 04, 2016

My birthday and gift ideas for my guy, including a spanking

My birthday was on Sunday. I am away on vacation. A birthday vacation away from craziness is always paradise!

Before I left, my guy and I had a number of chats, including this one:
"By the way, I need to ask you something," my guy said, kicking off the conversation.
"Oh, no. I hope it's not work-related," I joked.
"Nope. What do you want for your birthday?" he asked me.
"I want a spanking," I said, as if it were a knee-jerk reaction.
"You'll be getting one for sure, no matter what. But, what do you want as a gift?" he asked.
"I'd like you," I said.
"You're sweet. There must be something that I can give you as a gift."
So, I gave him a few suggestions. My favourite is for him to pick out a nail polish colour that he'd like me to wear.
"I'd like to get you something substantial," he said to me.
"You don't have to, you know. Your getting erect is pretty substantial to me."
He thinks that I am sweet. He's sweet for thinking about getting me something that I'd like.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. sorry i'm late reading this. I hope you got your spanking - and a substantial um, erection. :)

    1. Thanks, Fondles! My birthday spanking has been deferred, which simply means more smacks and fun. =)

  2. A late happy birthday from me as well, may the year be kind to you...


    1. Thanks, Han! I'd like a kind year, too. =)