Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sweet moments in an elevator due to my forgetfulness

The most difficult part about being with someone who is also your colleague is keeping work separate from your personal life. My guy and I do a fairly good job at making this delineation. We don't make out while on the job.

Last Friday, we were in a meeting with our manager. My guy has a presentation to make this Wednesday. I am involved as I wrote the input, which will be the basis of his presentation. My guy was his usual polite self, pulling out the chair for me. I thanked him.

We had a pretty good discussion. My guy had to open a documentation ticket in our software tracking system. I thanked him for assigning me more work. He felt bad about it, but told me before our meeting that he would make that up for me. Yes, he implied quality time down the road with me.

Anyway, both my boss and my guy liked the fact that I could sympathize with how many software features my guy could possibly discuss in a two-hour presentation. Most writers don't think about presentations from a timing standpoint. I have always been different.

I had my legs crossed during this meeting. I was wearing a pair of jeans, a green t-shirt, and sandals. I caught my guy looking at my legs and feet. It was cute.

Trying to keep our hands off each other when we are sitting inches away from each other can be difficult. We managed to be professional!

A couple of hours later, my guy and I talked at our cubicles. It was great catching up.

We left work for the weekend. The elevator had folks in there, so we couldn't kiss or hug discreetly. It was a bummer. We haven't done that for a bit.

I had worn a sweatshirt to work, as it was breezy. I had left it hanging over the back of my desk chair. It had my keys in one of the pockets. I told my guy that I needed his help to retrieve it. My guy has an after-hours pass to ride the elevator. I don't have access. He was sweet in helping me.

We walked into an empty elevator. The doors closed. We kissed and hugged passionately. I was happy to gently caress his chest. We enjoyed the ride.

My guy made sure that I could enter our floor. I could. I went to get my sweatshirt and came back to the main elevators. My guy was waiting for me.

We got into another elevator. It was empty. We lucked out twice! The doors closed. He groped my buttocks. I caressed his head and hugged him tightly.

I thanked him for helping him and for being so sweet. He smiled at me, and liked that we had some happy ups and downs in an elevator.


  1. I'm glad that you do. Groping, particularly in an elevator, is a huge turn-on!

  2. Thanks, Fondles! I feel like I am dating in high school sometimes. =)