Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Surprise spanking in the elevator

My guy surprises me often. Today, he caught me completely by surprise.

I got to work and opened the door. There he was. He looked good.
"What, no blue shirt?" I asked him.
"Nope. Should I be wearing one?" he said sheepishly.
"That's okay. You'll have other opportunities," I said, admiring his grey and white dress shirt, and grey slacks. "You look really good."
"You look great yourself," he said.
"You're just saying that," I responded.
"Why would I just say that?" he asked me.
"Just to butter me up."
"I would show you physically," he started.
"I know. Showing me in this corridor is probably not the best place," I smirked, as we both nodded in agreement.
My guy and I chatted often throughout the afternoon. We were talking about my former manager who was a jerk.
"Didn't you want to kiss him?" he asked me, pulling my leg.
"You're making me shiver," I said. "Why would I want to do that?"
"Well, you have a thing for older men with bald heads," he hinted.
"True," I said, looking straight into my guy's eyes. "Not him, though."
"I know," he replied. "He doesn't deserve to have someone as cute as you with those kissable lips."
"You do," I pointed out, which made us both smile.
We chatted about my guy's upcoming presentation for a bit. We then realized that it was 19:00. We packed our stuff and headed out the door.

My guy held the door open for me. I walked through it. He pinched my right buttock. It was nice.

At the elevators, a colleague had his foot in front of an empty elevator. It was odd. He let us go in it.

Normally, when we have an empty elevator, my guy and I tend to kiss and hug all the way to the ground floor once the doors close.

Today was different. The doors finally closed.
"Turn around," he said.
I did what I was told. He pinched and groped my left buttock. Without any hesitation, my guy spanked me as I was bent over, holding on to the handrail. They were pretty good smacks on each buttock with his bare hand. He didn't hold back. I got a good eight swats before the elevator stopped.

I adjusted myself and we got out of the elevator.
"Wow," I remarked. "I am so turned on. That hurt!"
"Good," he said. "Wednesday."
"Wednesday," I repeated, which was perfectly clear to both of us that we'd be in the treehouse for some quality time.
I was completely aroused and wet. My guy knew it. He had just fulfilled one of many spanking fantasies that I have. I get to cross that one off my list.

I wish that every workday ended that way for me.


  1. i've not been spanked in an elevator... we'll try and work that one in i think. thanks for sharing!

  2. Terrific! I enjoyed being spanked for the first time in an elevator and hope that you do, too. =)

  3. OMG, at first I thought your co-worker was still in the elevator when you got spanked! ha!

  4. I would have been mortified if my co-worker was in the same elevator as us and watched my guy spank me! I'm so glad that he didn't join us. =)