Friday, September 14, 2012

A late entry - being spanked hard in the treehouse

I was hoping to write about my last meeting with my guy before I went on vacation. I did indeed get a Bluetooth keyboard for my iPad. However, I was enjoying being on vacation and relaxing that I decided to blog once I returned home.

So, as you can tell, I am back. This post recounts what happened a couple of Fridays ago.

My guy had sent me a message on Skype at 09:15. It was a first. Normally, he is driving to work at this hour. He told me that he has been at work since 08:00. I couldn't believe it! I hoped that I could take another picture of him sleeping at his desk. He told me that I'd have that opportunity later on in the day.

Previously, I had told him that I may not come into work. However, I ended up scheduling a meeting with a software manager at 15:00. My guy teased me and asked if I had a treehouse meeting then. I wished!

I got to work in the afternoon. My guy and I talked, as usual. He then came over to my desk. He had told me the other day that he wasn't sure if we'd do another treehouse meeting. I could tell that he wanted to, as did I.

He came over to my desk, and caressed my back and shoulders. Oh, how I enjoy when he does that to me! I was caressing the back of his thigh. He decided to move my hand up to his right buttock. It was nice groping it. I had no idea that he liked my doing that. I moved my hand over to his left buttock and did the same thing. It was wonderful!

My guy left work first. It is a bit rare for him to depart early. I am generally the one who leaves first. I ended up talking to a colleague, which delayed my departure.

I quickly went to change into my short, dark blue skirt. I then drove to our usual location. I could see my guy sitting comfortable in the backseat of his car. I walked over with my wooden ruler and handed it to him. I apologized for being late. He understood. We both talk for a living.

We talked briefly.
"Are you all packed for your vacation?" he asked me.
"Nope, I have to pack tonight," I admitted. "
What makes you think that you're going to be packing tonight after we're done here?" he asked me. I smiled.
As usual, we kissed passionately. He had taken his undershirt off, so I was able to use both my hands to unbutton his dress shirt, allowing me to caress his attractive chest. He was feeling the length of my bare leg, eventually squeezing my thigh.

He caressed my breast. He took my bra off and sucked each nipple. It was incredible pleasurable. He nibbled on them, too.

He proceeded to whisper in my ear.
"You need to be punished."
I couldn't have agreed with him more. I asked how he wanted me. I ended up kneeling on all fours on the backseat. He lifted up my skirt and liked seeing my bottom sticking up with my lacy black panties covering most of it.
"Comfy?" he asked me, as my head was resting against the side of his car.
"As comfortable as I can be," I said.
"You were late coming here," he said.
"It's my first time," I stated. "You're always late."
"It's not about me. It's about your tardiness," he said sternly. He swatted my backside with his bare hand several times.
"That's what you get for being disobedient," he said, continuing to smack my buttocks. "Have you learned your lesson?"
"No, I haven't done anything wrong," I said defiantly, with a smile on my face.
"You've done nothing wrong?" he repeated and continued to smack my bottom even harder. "How does that feel?"
"It hurts!"
"Are you going to behave?"
"No?" he questioned me.
My guy pulled my panties down and spanked me hard with his bare hand several times. I loved every swat. He continued to scold me for being late. He wasn't done. He used the wooden ruler.
"You can't be late when we have a meeting," he reasoned, slapping my bare left buttock three times in a row hard with the ruler.
"I'm sorry," I said, feeling the effects of his slaps.
"Sorry isn't good enough," he stated, working on my right buttock.
"I'm so sorry, sir," I said, really feeling the sting.
"Will you be late again?" he asked me, slapping both buttocks hard.
"No, sir. Never again," I said.
My guy stopped spanking me. Instead, he fingered both my clit and butt. I was so wet and aroused from the spanking that it took no time for me to reach orgasm. It was incredible. I rested in his arms for a bit.

My guy still had his hand in my pussy. Round two started. He made me come again as he called me his exclusive slut. I was so relaxed afterwards. He hugged me tightly.

I massaged his erect penis for a bit. He then slipped his trousers and briefs off, allowing me to wrap my hand around his hard cock. I used my tongue to lick around his head for a bit before I put his cock deep in my mouth. I enjoy giving my guy a blowjob. I could tell that he was enjoying being sucked and having his balls caressed in the process.

He ejaculated a lot. He kissed me tenderly afterwards as I rested my head on his tummy. We then cleaned up and held hands. We chat afterwards. It's mostly dopey talk, but it's fun. We both find our chats to be special.

Towards the end of our little meeting, we hugged tightly. We'd be away from each other for over a week. He whispered in my ear.
"When you come back, you will be punished for going on vacation and leaving me alone without you."
"I'd like that," I said, without hesitation.
We hugged each other a bit longer. I liked the soreness that I was feeling from being spanked.
"You are becoming quite the spanker," I said, smiling at him. "Thank you." 
My guy hugged me tightly. He obviously liked my compliment.

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