Sunday, September 16, 2012

Reunited with sucking and lopsided slaps

My guy goes on business trips fairly often. As of late, he hasn't travelled anywhere. He may have an upcoming trip to Dubai, but nothing has been finalized.

I feel selfish to a certain degree. I like that we spend more time together when he's not on the road. However, I know that he misses travelling, so I feel for him and want him to travel soon. It was also a bit strange that I took a week off to go on vacation and he was here. Needless to say, we had both missed each other.

We kept in touch during my entire vacation, so it wasn't too bad. However, we did miss being with each other physically.

So, we finally saw each other on Wednesday when I got to work. My guy was wearing a blue, long-sleeved shirt. He looked good in it. Blue suits him. He paired his shirt with a nice pair of charcoal grey slacks.

We talked for a bit. I told him that I was pulled over in Ohio for exceeding the limit by 15 mph. The state trooper let me off the hook, likely because I was a tourist. My guy thinks that the trooper thought that I was cute. He had to let me go. I figured that this incident would be a playful reason for me to be spanked. After all, when my guy got caught for speeding in Pennsylvania, he was fined.

My guy came over to my cubicle and we talked. He rubbed my shoulders and neck. I ended up rubbing my forearm against his cock, which was starting to get hard. He suggested that we have a meeting. I was game.

My guy and I sent instant messages on Skype for a bit. He asked me how my pussy was. We have both nicknamed each other's private parts. I told him that my pussy has been lonely for over a week. He indicated that he could rectify this issue. I assumed that the feeling was mutual with his cock. Yep, I was correct.

He left work at 17:20. I followed suit, but had to change into a denim mini skirt. I met up with him at our regular spot and climbed into the backseat of his car, which we affectionately call the treehouse.

My guy had taken off his blue shirt. He was wearing a white tank top, which looked good against his nicely tanned skin. I handed him my wooden ruler.

We looked at each other. He said that I looked good. He did to me. We immediately kissed. I definitely had missed his tender, sweet lips pressed against mine. It was enjoyable to make out with him. After all, it had been nearly two weeks since we last were together.

I was playing with his chest, running my fingers through his chest hairs. We briefly talked between kisses.
"I have missed your lips," he said. "You're beautiful, amazing, sweet, cute, and adorable."
"I like this look," I pointed out, enjoying caressing his bare shoulders.
"The wife-beater look?" he asked me. We both cracked up laughing.
"No, that's not what I meant! It's the access to your chest that I love."
"I know," he said, as we both continued to chuckle for a bit before we continued kissing passionately.
He played with my breasts, taking them out of my black lacy bra. He pinched my nipples. I loved it.

He then played with my pussy, eventually fingering my clit and butt. He is wonderful at pleasuring me. I reached orgasm and was content laying there in his arms for a bit. He tenderly kissed my forehead. He still had his hand in my pussy. He liked the look of it.

He wasn't done with me. He wanted me to come again. This time, he decided to slap my right buttock repeatedly with the wooden ruler as he continued to finger me.
"You know that you can't go on vacation like that," he reasoned, slapping the ruler against my right buttock, which was barely protected by my lacy black underwear and short skirt.
"But, I needed to take time off," I explained.
"You weren't there to suck me," he said, continuing to assault my buttock with the ruler.
"I had sucked you twice the week before I went away," I pointed out. That wasn't a good idea. More smacks took place.
"When I need you to suck me, you need to be there for me," he stated. He lifted up my skirt and slapped me even harder with the ruler.
"Are you going to leave me all alone with no slut like you to suck me?" he asked rhetorically and then slapped my buttock repeatedly.
"No, sir."
"You know that I can't go out and find another slut. You are my slut," he said, slapping away.
"That hurts!"
"You deserve it," he stated. "Are you going to suck me today?"
"Yes," I said.
He stopped spanking my right buttock and focused on making me reach orgasm again. He told me to come like the whore that I was. I was incredibly aroused that it took little time for me to come. I was so happy. He was, too.

My guy pulled down his trousers and briefs. His penis was erect. I asked him if I could suck him. He let me.

He told me that he loved what I was doing to him. He had missed my mouth wrapped around his member, taking it in and out, and licking it. I played with his balls simultaneously. It was enjoyable pleasing him. He came. He became dopey. My mission was accomplished!

He said the sweetest compliments. I love him and when he does that.
"You're being super sweet," I pointed out.
"That's because you are super sweet," he replied, still dopey from my sucking him.
We chatted for quite some time. Before we said goodnight to each other, I asked him if I could give him a hug. He didn't mind. He commented that he could tell by my hug that I had missed him. It was nice to be in his arms, safe and loved.

I went home and looked at the damage that my guy had done to my right buttock. It was nice seeing red marks hours after being spanked. It was great to be back from vacation.

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