Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Talking, sucking, and expressing all on Skype

My guy and I hadn't spoken to each other for over a week. It is rare that we have gone that long without talking to each other. However, e-mails have made things easier. We are working with a six-hour time difference.

My guy has admitted that he's not an emotional person. I tend to agree to a certain extent. He compliments me, but isn't the type to constantly say that he loves me. I know that he does, because he expresses it through his actions. I can tell by how he holds and hugs me that he loves me. He expresses how he feels about me through his sweet kisses. He holds my hand. I know that he wants to be with me. He's affectionate without saying much.

In a brief e-mail that he sent to me in the afternoon, he had hoped that we could talk soon. I knew that he was thinking about me. I wrote back, teasing him that sales at Costco, his favourite store, have plummeted since he has been away. He teases me all the time. I tend to shop at Gap these days. He calls me Gap girl now.

He is in Germany on business. He logged on to Skype tonight. I had nearly shut down my laptop for the night, but I had heard a Skype message come in.
"Hey," he started off.
"Hey," I wrote back. "Is that really you?"
"No, it's a mirage," he wrote. "That's your line."
"I know," I acknowledged. "I can't use it now."
"Do you have your earbuds?" he asked me.
"Let me get my headset," I explained.
It was nice to hear his voice. I told him that I had missed him. He said the same thing about me.

We caught up with our lives. He was sick all last week, but felt much better now. I could tell that he liked receiving my e-mails, wondering how he was doing. He likes when I care about him. His e-mails make me feel good, too. They are like a warm embrace.

He told me that he had an entire bed to himself in his hotel room and wished that I was there with him. He missed kissing my lips, caressing my breasts, pinching my buttocks, spanking me, and my sucking him. It's nice to be missed.

We got off. It was nice. We both needed the release, considering that we have both been working nonstop for the past couple of weeks. I pulled a thirteen-hour workday last Thursday. He had spent the entire weekend preparing for his meetings for this entire week.

After we both came, we just rested and talked a bit.
"I really like the time we have spent with each other," he told me.
"It sounds like you're ending our relationship," I said to him, with a smile on my face.
"No, I'm just reflecting," he said. "I love being with you."
"I love being with you, too," I reciprocated. "You have made my life more meaningful and fun."
It was nearly midnight. He was getting sleepy.
"It's past your bedtime," I said. He's like a little boy sometimes, which I adore.
"Take care," he said.
"Sweet dreams," I said to him.
"Thanks, sweetie. We'll talk again soon."
He's definitely a keeper. I miss him, but I feel more connected to him tonight.

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