Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Endurance spankings and pinches

The other night, I was working from home. It was roughly 18:00. I was briefly connected to the network through VPN, which automatically shuts down my connection to Skype.

My guy noticed that I went offline. I had to use our file repository system to check in my work. When I came back online, we wrote for a bit.
"Are you really offline?" he asked me.
"Yes and no," I replied. "When I'm checking in files, I'm offline on Skype. When I terminate my VPN connection, I'm online, even though I was never offline."
There was a bit of silence. I then continued my instant message:
"I think that you're offline now."
I got a smiley face back from my guy. He wanted to chat. So, we did that.

He advised me that he will be on the road at a customer site all next week. He then has two weeks at another customer site in Germany. I could tell that he wanted to say that he was going to miss me. I know that the feeling is mutual.

He wanted to see me today, but things got hectic work-wise for the both of us. He did ask me some interesting questions.

The first question was whether I had been reading any spanking stories as of late. I had told him about Spanky and Kallisto's 2012 resolution to spank the latter's backside 50,000 times. With this year being a leap year, if you get spanked every day, without any recovery time, you'd need 137 smacks to reach this goal. It's attainable, for sure. I like this resolution so much. I would need recovery time, though.

My guy then asked if I liked my backside pinched. He had done it a few times to me already. He knows that I like anything now that has to do with my buttocks being spanked and groped. I used to like getting pinched. I haven't experienced pinching for a bit. I think that I'd like getting them more regularly.

I then talked about my quest to find a fuzzy purple paddle. I had talked about it being out of stock around Christmas time. Well, I have found another one that I want even more. Of course, it's out of stock, too.

Anyway, I am hoping to go back to the office tomorrow and see if my guy wants us to spend some quality time in the backseat of his car. We both need a bit of a break from work. I also need some hands-on attention.


  1. Thanks for the mention! I enjoy your blog very much.

  2. No problem, Spanky! I love reading your blog. Thanks for finding and visiting my blog. =)