Friday, January 06, 2012

Visiting my guy at work and touching in his car

The new year didn't start off too well for both my guy and me. My guy was sick for four days with a nasty cold. As for me, I had food poisoning. Luckily, it only lasted for a day. We are both good now.

I decided to drop by work today. I didn't see my guy online on Skype, but he was online on GTalk. I asked him if he was in the office, mainly because I wanted to give him a box of baklava. I also wanted to know if he wanted anything from Starbucks.

Anyway, I didn't hear from him. I visited Starbucks and got a grande peppermint mocha, and two brownie cake pops. I then drove to work.

When I had parked in the lot at work, I noticed that the car in front of mine looked like my guy's car. My phone rang. It was my guy.
"What did I deserve to get a phone call from you?" I asked him.
"I didn't see you online. I am guessing that you are in your car?" he asked.
"Yes. I'm actually parked at work. I think that I'm parked behind your car."
"I don't want to eat up your cell phone minutes," he stated.
"No, you're not," I said. "I haven't used my airtime all that often these days."
"I want to eat something else," he said, which made me laugh.
"I'll be upstairs soon," I said, and we ended our conversation.
I made it to our cubicle area. He was the only one at work and was pleased to see me. I gave him his gift. We talked. I sat next to him at his desk.

I initiated touching him, but not in a sexual manner. I wanted to see his injured finger on his left hand. He held it out and I grabbed it. He then showed me pictures of the injury when it had first occurred. He was amazed that I wasn't cringing at the gruesome pictures. I was, too. He finger has healed nicely so far.
"You know, you're a foot away and I can't touch you the way that I want to," he admitted. "I was hoping that you'd wear a skimpy outfit."
"I feel overdressed," I said. I was in a v-neck sweater and jeans.
"If your sweater's neckline were lower, that would make my access easier," he teased.
"It doesn't matter. You'd just take my sweater off," I remarked, which made him laugh.
We moved over to my cubicle area. There's more privacy. I sit in a corner. We sat next to each other. He touched my leg, my inner thigh, and my crotch area. I ended up touching his erect penis over his pants. My phone then rang. It was someone from quality assurance, asking about an update that I had made to our product documentation.

I am fortunate to have a decent memory. I knew what this person on the phone was referring to, even though my guy was pulling up our trouble ticket tracking system. He stopped, knowing that I was okay. I advised the quality assurance person that the change was in step 22. I did, however, need access to the network drive. My guy lent me his laptop. I found my network cable. He plugged it into his laptop. I got online to take a look.

During this scrambling period, my guy was caressing and touching my breasts while standing behind me. It was nice.

After my phone call, my guy and I went to try the baklava. We ate. I had a crumb land on my right breast. He immediately swiped it off my breast, which made me smile.

My guy suggested that we take a drive in his new car. In the kitchen, we hugged and he groped my left buttock. I was incredibly turned on. He then touched my crotch area again. I felt like we were in high school. He then touched my nipples, which became hard instantly.

We got into the elevator. Just the two of us. We kissed and embraced down seven floors. He told me to wait for him to bring the car around. He did. It was comfortable to sit in. We held hands. His hand ended up on my left thigh and gradually went to my crotch.

He parked in a location that I had suggested a while back. He had remembered what I had said. This parking lot was indeed secluded. He parked his car there. We kissed passionately.

I unzipped my jeans. He moved his fingers to my clit and started to rub it. I was incredibly wet and turned on. He whispered in my ear that I was a bad girl. It didn't take long for me to reach orgasm.

As for him, I gave him a handjob. We kissed during the entire time. He came. He was exceptionally content afterwards, as was I.

We held hands for the longest time. He liked how nicely manicured my nails were.
"I love your long, slender nails," he said. "You could be a hand model."
I had told him after the first time he had spanked me that a former colleague had noticed my hands on my keyboard at work and said that I had beautiful hands. My guy remembered that and agreed.

He drove me back to my car. We talked a bit more sitting in his car. We held hands. We missed each other.  It was a good day in the office. I suppose that getting spanked would have been dessert, but I enjoyed getting my butt groped by him and everything else that had happened between us today. I know that a spanking is on the radar for me. I can wait a little longer.

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