Friday, January 13, 2012

The backseat and a latex glove

Sometimes, it helps to be spontaneous. You just do things because you want to.

My guy is busy preparing for two business trips. I am busy slaving away over work for one of those clients. We are both in the same boat, trying to quickly understand the same product that we are both so unfamiliar with.

Well, I needed a break from working from home. I called my guy at his desk at work. I asked if he was free for a meeting. He said 13:00 would be good. I asked if we could make it for 13:30. We'd meet at one of our favourite, quiet parking lots by our workplace.

I got in my car at around 12:45 and drove along the highway. It was such smooth sailing at this hour. My cell phone rang. It had my workplace number displayed. I answered it. It was my guy.
"Hi," he said. "The sooner we meet, the better."
"I'm just past highway 400," I said.
"You're twenty-five minutes away?" he asked me.
"More like fifteen," I said. He then remembered that I have a heavy foot when I drive. "Just head out now. I'll meet you there."
I got to the parking lot. It was quiet. I circled around for a bit, to see if there were many folks around. Nope, not too many people were around. I finally saw my guy in his car. We both lowered our windows and figured out where we wanted to go.

We parked our cars next to each other by a small building. We both got out. He has a two-door car. We decided to give the backseat a shot. He got in first. I followed. I could barely get the door handle to close the door. I eventually left my seat, squatted down, and got it.
"I've missed you," he said.
"I've missed you so much," I replied, taking my coat off.
He held my left hand and looked at it. He liked my polished nails. He kissed my hands twice. Our lips locked. There is something incredibly sweet about kissing this man. He has the softest lips.

What surprised him was my kissing his nose for a bit. He told me after that he has never experienced that before, but liked it. He had nice ears, too. I may need to work that in down the road.

I had a purple v-neck sweater on. He unbuttoned it, reached under my white bra, and played with my right breast. He commented on how hard my nipple was as we continued to kiss.
"Look what I brought," he said to me. It was a blue latex glove.
"I'm so afraid," I said. "You're going to examine me today, I see."
I ended up thinking about being spanked with a leather glove. I have never had that done before. I knew that he wasn't going to spank me with the glove that he had brought, but the thought of having a leather glove smack my bare backside aroused me.

He carefully unzipped my jeans, making sure that I wasn't going to squirm from being tickled. He pulled down my panties and played with my pussy. It was nice. The first time that I had come, he had a finger in my butthole and two others playing with my clit. I can't explain what it felt like, other than the fact that I was content being pleasured by my guy.

I relaxed for a bit. He continued to work on me. Eventually, he continued having his pinky finger up my butthole and ended up fitting the rest of his fingers into my pussy. I had never experienced that before. It was surprisingly intense. I came again. I ended up resting my head against him. He put his arm around me and kissed my forehead.
"I love your tight pussy," he said. "I wanted to put my entire hand in you."
"You have big hands," I said.
"You were well-lubricated," he commented.
"You have those magic fingers," I pointed out.
After I had relaxed for a bit, I asked if I could work on him. He unbuckled his belt, pulled his blue trousers down, and pulled out his penis. It was limp. I have rarely seen it in that state, which I teased him about afterwards. I pulled my hair back, as I know that he gets turned on watching his member in my mouth.

I looked at his cock and balls for a bit. I didn't know if I wanted to suck the former and play with the latter simultaneously, or flip it around. He actually told me to hurry up, as he has explained in the past that it takes him five seconds before his penis gets hard just looking at me. Well, that decision was easy. I went with the first plan of attack.

I still consider myself to be a novice at blowjobs. I massaged his balls with my right hand. I held his limp penis in my left hand and wrapped my lips around its tip. I did something a bit different. I used my tongue to play with the tip. I then plunged the tip of my tongue into the hole of his cock. I could tell that he liked it a lot. He told me that afterwards, too.

I then moved my lips down his penis. It was getting harder. I took no time for him to get aroused. Unfortunately, I still gag a bit, but I was okay. He knew that I didn't want him to ejaculate in my mouth. He pulled out just before he did. He came. He was incredibly satisfied and drained.

We then spent the next hour hugging and talking. He played with my left nipple.
"It's erect," he commented.
"It's all you," I stated. He liked that.
We laughed a lot. We were both in bad-pun mode. It's not worth sharing here!

He did reveal to me that he wanted to try being a standup comic. He said that I was naturally funny that I should try it out. I'm fine being funny in a group setting, but I don't think that I could do it in a comedy club.

He continued to say some pretty bad puns. I wasn't laughing. He decided to tickle me to force me to laugh at his jokes. I told him that it was unfair of him to do that. I like when we're playful.

We ended up talking about computer science and math. We both have far more in common than we both realized. We both majored in the former. We both like the latter. We also like spending some quality time, away from work, in the backseat of a cozy car.

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