Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Office caresses, groping, and a mini spanking session

Having an office romance is a new experience for me. My guy is sweet, and shows that he is crazy about me as I am of him.

He came over to my desk a few times for help with a software application. Each time, he would show his affection in different ways. I sit in a cubicle that is closest to the window, so there's privacy away from my colleagues. It's rare that someone in the next building is watching us from afar.

He first came over and gave me a neck rub. The next time, I got a light neck rub and caresses down my back.

I had a purple sweater on, with a zipper on the left shoulder. Earlier, he had commented that my sweater looked nice on me, especially with the zipper. I said that he wasn't commenting on my sweater's nice design. Rather, he was interested in the "easy access" he could get with the zipper. He smiled. He laughed. We both knew that what I had said was true.

Moments later, he came over my desk, and unzipped my sweater. Down went his hand over my left breast. His hand then meandered under my bra. He proceeded to grope and caress my breast.

He came back later and hugged my left side. I was seated. His hand then went down my panties and he was playing with my left buttock. I was slowly getting turned on. He ended the affectionate session by touching the small of my back under my sweater, and then rubbed my upper back.

Just went you think that the day couldn't have got any better, I went into the kitchen towards the end of the day to wash out my tea mug. He came in and noticed that I was wearing skinny grey corduroy pants. He liked them. He proceeded to squeeze my buttocks. He wanted to spend some time in the backseat of his car. I agreed.

We ended up in a parking lot by the airport. We hugged. He slapped my left buttock repeatedly. Each blow was harder. I was curled up against him. Each blow hurt, but I loved every moment.

We kissed. He remarked that I have soft lips. He does, too. We French kissed. We hugged some more. It was a nice little moment away from work.

My left buttock hurts right now. He had asked me earlier in the day whether my bottom was sore from the spanking I got from him on Saturday. I said that it was achy yesterday, which meant that he had done a good job. I said that you want a lasting impression after such a session.

Today, after he had spanked my left buttock, he hoped that "it would hurt tonight." It does. I feel loved.

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