Friday, January 14, 2022

Cancelled and rescheduled flights

On my last full day in the States, I received a notification on my phone driving back to the hotel that my flight heading home the following day was cancelled. My heart sank.

I pulled over to check my inbox. I'm glad that I did. The airline managed to book me on an alternative set of flights home. It involved going into the opposite direction. I essentially flew from Minneapolis to Denver, and then to Toronto.

It was roughly an extra three hours. It made for a long day, but I was grateful to get home on the same day and wasn't left stranded somewhere.

I was originally upgraded to business class. With these two flight segments, only my second one was in business class. It was fine, as it was the longer segment.

In business class, I sat next to a nice, older man. He figured that I was heading home to Toronto, probably because I was my usual polite self. He was heading to Dubai after landing in Toronto. He had a two-hour layover.

By the way, the flight out of Denver was delayed by two hours. It isn't unusual these days with staff being sick.

When the plane touched down in Toronto, he said, "Welcome home!" He made a comment that it's always a good feeling returning home. He was right.

I have been fortunate to have struck up conversations with folks during my travels. I enjoy them. He was so nice by getting my backpack and jacket from the overhead bin.


  1. Hi CutieBootie - Despite that odd backwards route, at least the airline got you home on the same day. Good for you. There have been a lot of unfortunate travelers stranded as of late.

    I liked your latest story about your conversations with strangers, but now I'm curious how you define "older man". Obviously older than you, but what age range.

    Welcome back.

    1. Thanks, Enzo. It's nice being home!

      I have never been good predicting people's ages. I'd guess that he was at least in his mid to late 60's. He talked about his adult son living in a city next door to where I live.