Monday, September 20, 2021

Weekend, rapid COVID-19 test, and sleep

Another weekend has come and gone. I slept extremely well last night. I love the cooler weather.

I have been doing more research on travelling to the States. Things are looking better. I simply need to figure out where I can do a COVID-19 rapid test before I leave. Shoppers Drug Mart offers the test, but you have to call the drugstore and ask. It doesn't give any indication when you look up your local drugstore online.

Have a great week ahead!


  1. Hi CutieBootie -
    Not sure how things were there but here, our local airport is doing tests both in the terminal and out in the parking lot. I believe it is a 24 hr turnaround. Not sure if you have looked into that.


    1. Hi Enzo,

      There is a testing area just outside airport property. However, the rate for the test is more than double than getting the same test at a drugstore. For Minneapolis, there is a testing area in the parking lot. I haven't seen any drugstores offering the same test yet.