Sunday, April 18, 2021

This used to be my playground

On Saturday, I spent some time checking out my old elementary school from the outside. Naturally, it's closed on weekends. It's also closed thanks to yet another lockdown that our province is under.

The general layout and building looks the same. I miss the old playground, though. I had so much fun with an apparatus with tire swings, and more to play on.

I guess hopscotch is outdated. All those lines are gone. However, a square with four small squares in it still exists. Weird.

A lot of memories flooded in. It was nice to reminisce and think of simpler times. 


  1. OH wonderful! I made a trip to my primary school about 2 years ago too... the coloured cobblestones where we used to play a hopping game based on whatevr colours were called out are now sadly all grey and broken. i enjoyed reminiscing about my school days when I was there.

    1. That's so nice that you went back to your primary school to reminisce. It's weird how things look so small now, but weren't back then.