Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Training and challenges

I'm not crazy about snap training sessions. I got the word on Monday that I'm to train a new employee. My manager thinks that I can do it the following day. Um, no.

I spent Monday ordering access for this person. I dislike training someone on an application that he does not have access to. That person doesn't learn well without it. Getting access to various applications at my workplace takes longer than it should.

On top of poor planning that's completely out of my control, I start training at 8 am. The new hire is in India. Luckily, I only train for four hours instead of the full eight hours each day.

I'm starting training on Wednesday. My manager did not complain. Monday was to get this person access and wrap up my development work. Tuesday is for wrapping up my work and updating my training materials. As long as I can back up my reasoning, it's all good.

My manager also wanted a high-level training plan. Nope, it goes to the new employee first. My manager has my training slides. He can figure it out there. That's micromanaging to ask me to do more work that is unnecesary. I have been training for years that I don't need to provide proof of my training plans and curriculum.


When I used to conduct onsite training, my manager would drop by. He is a control freak. I'd just ignore him and continue to train. Working from home, he has no control there. Training is zen to me. I don't supply the online session link to him, which is a bonus. He is not the target audience.

I also train in do-not-disturb mode. He has interrupted my training in the past by pinging the new employee. It will be more difficult for him to do that with a contractor who doesn't report directly to him and who will likely be a guest on Microsoft Teams.

Work is fascinating!

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