Thursday, April 08, 2021

Big head = smart

I have a big head. Yes, the physical size of my head is large. My graduation cap never fit properly. I do well with knitted toques that stretch, though!

I often poke fun at my head size. The other day, I had this meeting chat with my manager.
"There's so much innovative news that I want to share with someone. I asked myself, 'Who has a big head? I know! Cutiebootie.' So, I'm telling you," he said.
"Should I report you to Human Resources? Yes, my manager said that I have a big head," I replied.
"People with big heads are intelligent. I have a big head," he said.
"My head is much larger than yours in comparison," I said.
It's true. Thus, I am smarter than he is allegedly. Ha!


  1. hahah we used to say that the height of one's forehead was an indication of smarts. the wider the space between hairline and eyebrows, the brighter the fella.

    1. That's fascinating! I feel like my forehead height is average. I choose my big head instead... haha!

  2. You have an interesting relationship with your line manager. 'Combative' is a word that comes to mind. I am 'reading' it correctly?

    1. It's an interesting relationship, for sure. We get alone. He doesn't have insensitivity issues, such as the way that he dealt with my returning from the States last year and forcing me to self-isolate when we did not have any COVID cases. The most recent one was forgetting my ten-year work anniversary and ruining the moment in a team chat.

      He does say some ridiculous things, though. I tend to speak my mind because that's who I am, so it may sound like it's a combative relationship. It's more mild than it appears.