Monday, November 23, 2020

Update on my friend and Christmas panties

My friend, who has lymphoma, is going through her third round of chemo this week. She has lost a ton of weight, but is in good spirits.

On a great note, she has found a bone marrow donor who matches with her 100%. I am so happy for her. Here's hoping that she is in remission soon so she can undergo the transplant.

She has a GoFundMe page. I donated again. I am sure that her medical expenses are piling up.

I am finally able to upload the Christmas panties that will arrive in the mail soon as an add-on to my regular panties subscription:

I am looking forward to trying them out.


  1. CB:

    Once again, good luck to your friend and the marrow transplant, Hopefully, she will be in complete remissions soon.


    1. Thanks, Rick. I hope that gets good news that she's in remission soon.