Saturday, November 07, 2020

Holiday panties and thong set for being nice and naughty

I have panty subscription service. I get a cute pair of panties every couple of months.

I just looked at the festive holiday versions that you can get on top of your regular subscription. I love them!

Unfortunately, Blogger is not letting me upload any photos right now. I'm getting a server error. I'll simply have to describe what they look like.

The panties version has NICE written on the backside in yellow letters. The panties are a festive green.

There is also a cheery red thong with NAUGHTY written on the back waistband. The thong looks comfortable, which has always been my main concern when it comes to wearing one.

Yep, I will get them and hope that I can upload photos of them when they do arrive. I am both naughty and nice, after all!

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