Tuesday, November 24, 2020

The jerk is back

I truly dislike my ex-guy.

We work for the same company. Apparently, he let his project manager know about me. This PM sent me an e-mail to let me know that he is in dire need of a writer to put together a user guide.

My ex is a jerk. He knows that I am swamped with work all the time. The last thing I want to do is work on a project that he is a part of and do even more work.

Part of me was angry at first. I thought about it more and it's his odd way to reach out to me -- to go through a loophole. He's actually saying that he misses me in his odd way. I told him to never contact me. Well, he hasn't. Instead, he has done it indirectly, which I don't appreciate.

My manager is now involved, as it's all about time allocation. He knows that our department is swamped with a major software release ahead and my work that I need to get into it. I frankly do not want to work with the ex and I don't exactly want to disclose that fact to my manager should he say yes to this extra work.


  1. It's hard to avoid people at work, and you may have to work with him on this. However, you have a right to insist that it be on a professional level. At least you won't be in the office, where you might have to be physically present with him.

    Just be prepared to set reasonable and professional boundaries, then enforce them. Treating him like a co-worker might actually be good for your "relationship" with him because it might help create a real space between you and him.

    1. It helps that we aren't in the same department. Working from home has also helped, as you have mentioned.

      I like your perspective on treating him like a co-worker. The distance works.

  2. i have said enough about your ex; a leopard never changes it's spots!! Try to explain to your manager how you are already over committed to your duties. Good Luck!!


    1. I have always appreciated your advice, Rick. My manager and his manager both indicated that I have way too much work going on to accept this task. I am relieved!