Sunday, February 09, 2020

Friends and food

I went out this evening to meet up with a friend visiting for the weekend. It became a group dinner with a bunch of foodies.

I had a wonderful time catching up with everyone and eating some  good eats. It was held at a food hall with multiple vendors. It's a beautiful concept. I want to go back.


  1. I like those food halls. they are common in Europe but people in the UK don't know how to behave properly, so I don't think they will catch on here.

    1. Food halls seems like a trend in Canada. We have a couple in Toronto and it was my first time going to one. Both are doing well. I like picking and choosing what I want from various stands. It's fun.

      I haven't come across too many food halls during my brief visits to Europe, except for Istanbul. I should pay more attention! Mind you, half the time that I was there was for business, so I didn't have time to explore.

    2. we call them food courts here and there's one in every mall! sometimes 2 even. :)

    3. We have food courts in malls, but this food hall is different. It's a building on its own with restaurant-quality food items. No McDonald's or other fast food items. It's truly an eye-opening experience!

    4. Oh we have something that sounds the same... i can think of 2 just outside the business district where people can have a business meeting over a meal or drinks. And where tourists love to go! I don't quite know why LOL.

    5. It's probably a combination of convenience and trendiness. I do like the concept. Then again, I'm new to it, so I like different!