Saturday, October 28, 2017

My phone locked itself automatically - weird and good

I thought that Friday would be a quiet day at work. Nope. Drama and weirdness occurred.

I will go with my strange incident. After work, after a trying day, I went out to have a drink and a bite to each with a friend.

We went to a bar and grill close by our workplace. I was checking my phone while waiting for him and it automatically went into lockdown. I tried using my known password, but I couldn't unlock my phone.

After dinner, I had to drive to a different part of the area that I vaguely know. I am so glad that I have a GPS in my car. Otherwise, it would have taken me a bit longer to get there, especially when it gets dark so early in the evening.

I got home and called Google Pixel support. I must say that tech support there is pretty slick. You basically type a brief synopsis of the problem online, click a button, and in a minute, you get a phone call.

The person on the other end said that my phone had to be factory-reset. It meant that I would lose all my data.

The cool thing about this phone is that I have unlimited photo storage and my phone is automatically backed up. So, restoring my phone was straightforward. It went ahead and downloaded all my apps.

In some ways, my phone works better than before.

I asked the tech support person why my phone would simply lock on its own and not let me in. He figures that the cause was a bug somewhere, but he has noted the issue down.

I am so dependent on my phone. However, not using it for four hours felt pretty good.


  1. Whoa, CB! That's scary! So happy you had everything backed up. Sometimes I will shut on all my electronics as I do have a land line if someone needs to reach me.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. It was scary! I am glad that I am not completely dependent on my phone. However, it made me realize that the old method of either remember or jotting down addresses and such isn't a bad thing.

      The backup process on Android is definitely better than on iOS. It look less time to set up everything after my data was restored. iOS doesn't seem to remember how you have set up your folder organization. Fortunately, Android does.