Friday, October 27, 2017

Declining my second interview

I decided to pass on that second job interview. It's interesting how a few events managed to change my thoughts about the position.

This potential job opportunity is a contract. I don't mind that. I would also be taking a pay cut. Again, that's not a concern, for the job requires working from home.

These days, it's health benefits. This job doesn't offer any. I need peace of mind that I am covered. Paying for my own isn't an option.

The fiasco with the resource manager saying that another candidate had been selected over me, and then apologizing by saying that he got the hiring managers mixed up put a damper on things. As much as I was okay with the mixup at the time, it's still not the best emotional roller coaster to be on.

I was asked to produce a network topology diagram. It has been a while since I did all this preparation work for an interview, but I managed to get it done on Saturday.

This week, things got busy at work. This hiring manager contacted me through e-mail and phone. I couldn't attend to both.

During this process, the hiring manager corresponded with me using two different personal e-mail addresses. He panicked and guessed at what my work e-mail was. He then sent me an e-mail on how concerned he was. I didn't appreciate it. The last thing I want is a hiring manager to be contacting me at work. Our IT department does data mining, among other data checks. I don't need the company realizing that I want to jump ship.

So, I wrote to him and said that I wasn't interested anymore. I actually am good with my decision. I have health benefits and I like my colleagues on the whole. Sure, a change would have been great, but I am going through change with my job duties at my current place of employment. I want to see where I go with them.


  1. I really do think you made the correct decision, CB. That hiring manager was totally out of line in contacting you through your work email. Makes me wonder about the ethics in that company.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I felt the same way when I first realized that he had contacted me through my work e-mail. The audacity! It partly soured my enthusiasm in pursuing the position. Health benefits was the other part of the equation. I don't like the idea of shelling out for benefits for a year.