Saturday, July 16, 2016

Shopping and surprising each other

A while back, my guy had introduced me to a liquidation place that is closer to where he lives than where I do. It takes me roughly two hours to drive there.

I decided to take Friday off. I drove over there.

My guy and I didn't know that we were both going to show up at this liquidation centre at approximately the same time. He spotted me in the sea of shopping vultures.
"Hey!" he exclaimed.
"Hey!" I exclaimed back.
My guy decided to go back and shave his head. I was so excited to see his new look that I reached up and caressed his head in a packed store. It's a reflex reaction. He smiled in a loving way.

It's nice when we surprise each other. He told me that seeing me today had made his day. It's definitely a mutual feeling.


  1. What a lovely surprise with both running into each other unexpectedly and your guy shaving his head.
    Hugs Lindy

    1. Thanks, Lindy! It was great seeing him unexpectedly like that.