Wednesday, October 21, 2015

From flight to teaching, and an automatic punishment

Last night, I drove over to my local Starbucks to get a slice of apple pound cake. Well, it's more like a circular apple pound cake. I like it a lot. It's both comforting and yummy.

In the same parking lot, there was a car with steamed-up windows. That sight made me smile. You could see an arm or two come up slightly now and again. It made me reflect on the numerous treehouse times that my guy and I have had. Sure, it isn't the most private location to be intimate, but it sure beats lying on the ground!

The other night, my guy and I talked over Skype.
"I'm back in the office in a week," my guy explained.
"That week feels like forever," I admitted, obviously missing him.
"I know. It won't be too long," my guy reassured.
"I wish I could meet you at the airport, but you don't have much time," I pointed out, as he gets off the plane to immediately teach a course.
"You know that as soon as I see you that I have to punish you," he hinted.
"Perhaps I should show up at the arrivals level," I remarked, which made him laugh.
"With your cute bottom exposed?" he asked me.
"I am sure the security folks would have an issue with me if I did that," I said, smiling.
It's less than a week now. At least I get to see him at the office for the whole week in a few days, so I'm pleased.


  1. Counting down the days with you CB. Wow...a whole week in the office...I'm picturing daily treehouse time. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Thanks for counting along with me! Yes, it will be treehouse week for us. =)