Monday, October 19, 2015

The bagel drop and new car pick-up day

My blog posts are not in chronological order these days. I can only blame it on my Mac mini's issue after upgrading to El Capitan. Although I can use my Mac mini again, syncing photos between it and my iPhone is unpredictable.

Anyway, this post follows the one about my guy driving home from Montreal a couple of Fridays ago. He called me about thirty minutes before he reached the Starbucks in Scarborough. It was good of him to do that. I was at another mall shopping. I told him that I'd meet him soon.

I got to the Starbucks parking lot about ten minutes before he did. I saw him pull into the parking lot. I got out of my car and headed over to his car. My cell phone rang.
"Hey, I'm walking over to your car," I said to him.
"Okay," he replied. "Good timing!"
My guy opened the door. I said hi to him. He reciprocated and noted that it was a bit colder outside. He got out and put on his jacket. He looked good and happy to see me.

We hugged. He smelled good.
"Missed you," I whispered in his ear. He hugged me tighter, which was his quieter version of feeling the same way about me.
We chatted for a bit. He handed me a bag full of sesame bagels. I took a whiff and nearly melted. My guy smiled. He knows how much I love bagels. I thanked him for getting me them.

My guy couldn't stay long. He was heading to Oakville to pick up his new pre-owned car. I asked him whether he had a friend who could drive his other car. He did. He was staying over at that friend's house, as he had an early flight out to Newark the following morning.

He looked down and commented on my Converse sneakers that I was wearing. He remembered my dyeing them purple, as the original purple colour had faded a lot after being in the sun for a long period. He likes them. I do, too.

We hugged once again. I wished him a safe drive and flight. He nodded and told me that he'd call me soon.

It's not easy being with a travelling guy. On this trip, it was nice that he was able to sneak in a couple of quick visits along the way. He told me that he loved seeing me, even if it was for ten minutes this night. The feeling was certainly mutual.


  1. Happy you at least got to see your guy for a few minutes is stressful to be separated for long periods. I don't know about you but I would rather have a 10 minute hug than an hour phone conversation. Didn't realize your guy was keeping his 'old' car when he bought his 'new' car.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I agree with you, Cat. The hug is worth it!

      My guy has to sell his old car. So, I tease him about being so rich that he has to drive two cars around with him all the time. =)