Sunday, October 04, 2015

Lunch date on Wednesday with my guy

Late Tuesday afternoon, my guy called me on my cell phone. I was in a meeting and didn't have my phone at hand. When I got to my desk, I felt like pouting because I had missed his call.

He eventually found me online and we sent instant messages to each other. He had figured out that I was in a meeting. I told him that I had less than fifteen minutes before my next one.

He told me that he would be "north of Toronto" on Wednesday. I said that he could be at the North Pole! He was going to look at a car in my neck of the woods. We agreed on meeting for lunch. I asked him to ping me once he was done.

On Wednesday afternoon, he called me a number of times, letting me know what was going on at the dealership. He then asked me to select a restaurant to meet. We met halfway at a Chinese restaurant in Thornhill. Naturally, I had to text him the address to enter into his GPS. Otherwise, he would be completely lost.

My guy called me as I was doing a detour. A lot of construction was happening along the street that the restaurant was on. My guy was already there. I was impressed. I told him to be his attractive and adorable self waiting for me. He chuckled. He liked that.

I eventually found him wandering out of the local grocery store that I often stop at before heading home. He asked me where his car was. It is so typical of him. I pointed it out for him. He then hugged me.

It was a good start to a lunch date. It was also nice to see him in my area and see his smile.


  1. Oh too funny CB. When your guy finds a new car, he's gonna have the same problem I am having...finding the new car in the parking lot. LOL Personalized plates help. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  2. Your guy knew the way. With detours and construction work. I AM impressed. And on time. He must love you so you much.

    He does,