Thursday, February 13, 2014

Making up for a lost lunch date

My guy and I were contemplating whether to have lunch on Wednesday. For some reason, Wednesdays are often not meant for us to get together to chat and eat.

Today, my guy had a huge breakfast and then snacked on some trail mix. So, by the time lunch had rolled around, he wasn't hungry at all. Instead, he rescheduled lunch for Thursday.

I didn't feel sad. I wasn't disappointed. I ended up going to work just before 13:30. Wednesdays tend to be long for me. I have early morning conference calls that start at 07:30 and tend to be chatting throughout the day with various folks.

Just before I headed off to my 16:00 meeting (the third and final meeting of the day), my guy called me. We chatted a bit. I told him how great it was to hear his voice. I said it twice. He wished me a good meeting and told me to swing by the training room after work.

My meeting went overboard by fifteen minutes, which wasn't too bad. We have quite the chatterbox in the group. For me to cut it short like that was almost a miracle.

I dropped by the training room. My guy was quietly working in front of his laptop, trying to upload a bunch of files to a corporate FTP site. It was painfully slow.

We talked about our day. I caressed his head, massaged his forearm, and held his hand in mine. He was wearing the sweater that I had bought for him while I was in London. He looked good in it. He loves it.

We both had the same thought. He said it out loud. I just did it.
"May I get a kiss?" he asked me.
"Maybe," I said, teasing him.
We kissed. His soft lips pressed against mine always feel so good. It was nice to pause a bit by brushing my cheek up against his before kissing it. I then resumed kissing him on the lips, licking them, adding a bit of tongue to the mix.

My guy changed the ambiance up a bit. He dimmed the lights and hooked his laptop to the projector, which was at a fairly dim brightness.

He came over to where I was sitting and caressed my breasts. I loved how great they felt. He placed his hands under my green sweater and played with my breasts some more, massaging them in my black bra. He proceeded to reach under my bra, to play with my breasts and nipples. It felt so good.

He could tell that I was turned on. He rubbed my crotch and kissed me. He wanted me to reach orgasm. It worked. I did. It was awesome.

Moments later, when I had more energy, I managed to stand up, and lovingly caress and kiss the top of his head. He liked that. I then rested my cheek against it.

He tells me that I am sweet and cute. He is sweet and loving, among other adjectives.

We talked a bit more before we called it a day. This moment together certainly made up for our cancelled lunch date.

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