Saturday, February 08, 2014

Jet lag, chats, and puns

I get down when my guy is away on business and doesn't have a chance to connect with me. Sure, e-mail exchanges help keep us connected. However, it's not the same when you long to hear the voice of something you love and miss.

My guy has been in Lebanon for a week. It's a seven-hour difference between us. My guy doesn't handle jet lag too well. So, it took him three days to get used to the time change before he was good to chat with me on Skype.

Although the wait was painful, it was good to chat with him a handful of times. Thursday, we did it twice. We first tried in the morning, but his Internet connection was horrible. I was doing most of the talking. It's funny, but he likes when he lets me babble. He does it often for a living and it gives him a bit of a break. He also likes to know what I have been up to.

He is in the office on Monday. I am, too, for the entire day. Our conversations can be playful and a lot of fun as a participant.
"I'll come up and say hi," he told me, referring to the fact that my cubicle is on the building's top floor now.
"You'll cum?" I said, teasing him. "I know you'll be up."
"Yes, Cutiebootie. I will cum all over the place."
"You'll stand up and say hi, too."
"Of course," he replied.
"I can hand you a sticky note," I started saying, catching myself in the sexual innuendo, which was not deliberate for a change. "I mean, Post-It Note, with my phone extension."
"Yes, you'll definitely be sticky and wet. I'll call you for a good time."
Ah, the fun of being the starter of such a pun-fest!

We had talked in the past about my giving him my phone extension. He thought that it would be convenient for him to call me once his seminar was over. That way, we'd meet downstairs in the lobby before heading out for lunch.

My guy is on a plane right now. It's the only time when I say that I can't wait for Monday to get here.

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