Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lunch, teasing, and holding hands

Last Monday, I stayed at work for the whole day, mainly to train a new writer. My boss had told me about this new hire late Friday night. That's right. Send me an e-mail the Friday before that Monday, late that evening when everyone has called it a week.

I don't normally check my work e-mail late on Friday night. I just happened to for some reason. Anyway, it's the usual way that things roll at work. Things are either last-minute, or aren't communicated or planned properly. I eventually make everyone look good, because I am that dependable.

Perhaps that is one reason why I crave being spanked. I am a good person. I am reliable. I need a diversion, which happens behind closed doors.

Anyway, my guy had told me on the weekend that he looked forward to seeing me all day on Monday. He came in late that morning. We talked a bit later, catching up on our weekends that we didn't know about. I asked if he wanted to have lunch at our favourite restaurant. He was game.

He drove us. We talked some more. My guy made me laugh by pointing out that a plastic glove that was sticking out of the glove compartment. He discreetly tucked it away. He tends to use this type of glove to finger me. We both couldn't help but to laugh some more.

As always, we had a decent chat while shovelling food into our systems. I could tell that my guy was starting to feel stressed out about work, so we tried to talk things through. It often helps me.

My guy offered his arm as we walked over a patch of snow outside. He's sweet. However, he thought that my tone of voice was sarcastic. I wasn't being sarcastic at all. I enjoyed us arm-in-arm. He held the passenger side door open for me to get into his car. He then closed his car door. He's a good guy.

He got in and teased me about a former colleague who was a jerk. He said that this jerk was my "ex-boyfriend." My guy then said that he liked that his car doesn't emit a warning alarm if his seatbelt isn't on. I teased him by saying that this alarm was to help him not get a $600 ticket again.

My guy swatted my hand. I protested and said that I should be hitting him for calling that jerk my ex-boyfriend. I held his hand, which was gloved. He took his glove off and we held hands all the way back to work.

As I have said before, it feels like we're high school sweethearts sometimes. I must admit that it's pretty nice to be dating a colleague, who has ended up being my dear friend, boyfriend, and lover.

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