Saturday, June 04, 2022

Paid off a credit card

On Friday, I paid off a credit card that I've had for over a decade. It felt good.

I actually had to call customer service to get the final payoff balance. I had to wait another seven minutes on hold to have the woman calculate it.

I was on hold for nearly half an hour. At least I got the payoff total that I needed.

That's one problem about Canadian banks. They aren't upfront with your final balance. You are expected to pay what you owe on your statement. You then wait for another statement that calculates the interest.

I like how my bank in the US does it. There's the payoff balance and your statement balance for credit cards and lines of credit. You know exactly how much to pay off. You don't need to call customer service to have someone calculate the payoff balance for you.

Weird, Canada.

I'm happy that I have got rid of a loan and a credit card so far this year. My financial situation is looking better.


  1. That's fabulous. When i wanted to pay off the final amount for one of my cards I decided to go in person to the bank as they usually calculate interest etc right up to the very day. So it was just a lot quicker for me to actually be there in person.

    1. I should have done what you did to get the final payoff amount. I never thought about going to my local branch. It would have been faster than being on hold over the phone. At least it's paid off now, so I'm pleased!