Thursday, June 23, 2022

Wrist tendonitis

I haven't been posting regularly. It's mainly because I have been resting my left wrist.

A while back, I noticed swelling in my left wrist. Two weeks ago, it was noticeably swollen. I went to an urgent care clinic to have it checked out. I had a nice doctor who diagnosed what I had as being wrist tendonitis.

I got anti-inflammatory medication and a prescription for a wrist-thumb splint. I have been wearing the splint all the time, except when I am showering or washing my hands. I'm nearly done taking all my anti-inflammatory pills.

Yesterday was the first time in ages where I didn't see any signs of swelling. I had more range of motion with my wrist. The pain isn't as bad. I am happy to see some good progress.

The rest has helped. I have learned not to use my left hand as much. It's interesting that my right hand is the dominant one, but my left wrist is the one with the problem.

I hope that I make a good, full recovery.

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