Wednesday, June 01, 2022

Being in the same online meeting with the ex and hearing his voice

This morning, I had a knowledge session at work. We all connect online. 

The ex-guy was apparently chatting with a presenter whom I work closely with when I joined the session. I heard his voice. He said a single word that I couldn't make out. I have a feeling that he saw my name and reacted by saying some word before he stopped talking.

I hadn't heard his voice since June 2019. It was weird.

I was okay. I am okay. As long as we don't interact, I'm fine. 

We still work for the same employer. It helps that we aren't in the office and we are in different departments. Otherwise, it would be awkward.


  1. oh working in the same office would definitely be a bit of a sticky situation. I'm glad you're ok.

    1. Thanks so much, Fondles. I'm glad that I haven't had the need to go into the office. Not seeing him has made my healing process easier.