Sunday, December 12, 2021

Travelling to Minnesota and COVID-19 tests

My trip back to Minnesota was great. I worked remotely and started each workday at 7 am. It was great ending my workday at 3:30 pm. It allowed me to be a tourist.

I may need to write a how-to for Canadians travelling to the States. I needed to get an antigen COVID-19 test to fly into the States. It had to be administered within 72 hours of my departing the country. I got a check-in counter guy at the airport who said that it was 24 hours. He was wrong after consulting with a colleague.

With the recent changes by the US administration, this check-in counter guy is now correct. It's now 24 hours. It means that for my next trip, I'm taking my antigen test hours before I board my flight. It all works out fine. I have booked my appointment.

To get into Canada, I need to do a PCR or molecular COVID-19 test 72 hours before boarding my flight in the US heading back home. I actually did a NAAT test at a local CVS pharmacy. I got to self-administer the test at the drive-thru and drop my swab in a tube in a special box. I got my results in just over a day. It was also free. Had I done a PCR test at the airport, it would have cost me $200 USD.

I am glad that everything worked out. I fly again in over a week, so I'm more comfortable now with the experience that I have gained.


  1. wow. that sounds complicated. we have antigen test kits that are given out by our government to every household. those who need more can get them in pharmacies and any store that sells over the counter meds.

    Some offices require weekly antigen tests for their employees. I do mine every wednesday and BIKSS does his every Sunday.

    it's a chore, but at least it's a good way of monitoring our own health just in case we pass it along to others inadvertently.

    1. We can get antigen tests, but they aren't free. The Canadian government has vowed to make them free. It's a question of when this rollout happens.

      The thing is that we need an official report indicating that we have tested negative for COVID-19 before hopping on a plane. This report needs to be uploaded through the app that allows us to travel back to Canada. For the US, we need to show the report only, without uploading anything. So, it's still safer to get a formal report from a drugstore for travel.

      It's definitely more work. I feel comfortable that everyone on the plane has been tested. It's peace of mind.

      I haven't returned to the office. There are plans to reopen next year. We're just waiting for how everything is going to work!

  2. These ever changing rules makes it hard for some people to understand and follow the rules. Glad it worked out for your traveling. Are you flying back to the US again in a week?


    1. Yep, it was definitely the case with the check-in counter guy. It was added stress when he told me that my test was invalid at first. Luckily, he was wrong.

      Yes, I travel back to the US early next week. I'm doing my antigen test hours before I head to the airport.