Sunday, October 31, 2021

Rainbow horn incident

The hairband with rainbow devil horns that I got from the dollar store the other day looks like the following:

You are also seeing my new Chromebook.

Yesterday, I went out wearing a sweater with a built-in cape (it's pretty cool), this hairband, and a comfy pair of joggers. Sadly, I busted the right horn of my hairband, so I was working on reduced devilishness.

I got to my usual tea place. The owners were so great. I indicated that I had busted one of the horns. I had recommended Alien Tape to them to hang up a small rug on the wall. The female owner went to get her Alien Tape and cut a small piece off for me to re-attach the horn. It worked. Yay!

I'll be going out today to do a pickup downtown. I'm be wearing my fixed hairband. I like it.

Happy Halloween!

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