Sunday, August 29, 2021

Thoughts about the in-person Immersive Van Gogh experience

Yesterday, I went to the walk-in version of the Immersive Van Gogh exhibit. Between the drive-in and walk-in versions, I like the former better. I felt safer in my car.

I was lining up to get into the exhibit. I woman behind me asked if it was the lineup. Seriously, you can't tell? I turned around and she was a foot away. On top of that lack of physical distancing, she was not wearing a mask. It explains why she couldn't tell that there was a lineup.

The QR code used for contact tracing didn't work for my phone. On the whole, I can typically get one to work, but not this one. I don't know why places don't include the URL with the QR code. I'd be happy to manually enter the URL into my phone's browser.

Instead, I had to fill out a form using a clipboard and pen that weren't sanitized. Ugh.

The experience seeing Van Gogh's works come to life was the same. I stayed there for three iterations and loved it.

You got to sit in circles to take in the artwork. I don't know how staff sanitize the circles on the floor where folks have sat down and touched it. I saw none of that. They also handed out cushions to sit on. I didn't get one and I don't know whether they get sanitized, either.

I miss the drive-thru where I didn't have to deal with or think about these risks.

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