Monday, May 17, 2021

It's back! My menstrual cycle and its irregularity

My menstrual cycle continues to be irregular. I have missed the last two months.

Out of nowhere on Sunday, my menstrual cycle made its presence known. It is heavier than usual, which doesn't alarm me. When I have missed a cycle, the next one tends to be heavier.

It's weird. I was starting to get used to not having them. I don't get hot flashes at night anymore, but they do happen during the day. Luckily, they are mild.

It's an interesting phase right now. 


  1. I'm probably in the same "interesting" phase as you are. I've been drinking soybean. It's helping me stay somewhat regular (at a weird 35-36day cycle), altho i understand it doesn't work the same way for everyone.

    1. I have increased my intake of soy beverage, which seems to help with not having as many hot flashes as I did last month. I found some soy supplements after your recommendation, so I'll give those a try when payday arrives in the next day and see how it goes.