Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Dental appointment and an emergency fund

I've got a dental appointment later this morning. I'm having routine cleaning and an impression done to get a mouth guard. I grind my teeth at night. My current mouth guard needs replacing.

In the past, the dental office would submit claims on my behalf. During this pandemic, it now requires that I shell out the cost first, and then submit my claim to get reimbursed. It's quite the hardship for customers who don't have the money available. I have been fortunate to have established an emergency fund, so it'll temporarily pay for this cost and I'll put the money back in this account once my claim is processed.

I'd say that nearly two years ago, I never had an emergency fund. I have come a long way.


  1. It's great that you have an E fund. I'm working towards that. Altho my finances are a little messy now cos there is the question of the collective E fund that my dad left when he passed. It's kinda a joint panic-fund that i use for me or mum who is living with me now. And I'm trying to put aside some of my own earned money for a personal investment-savings fund. I started this month. It will go in a special acc linked to my bank and they deduct 100 every month automatically. I'm hoping that will get me started.

    1. Sounds like a great start, Fondles. Paying yourself first with an automatic deduction works well. Small steps are progress. I still feel new to the whole emergency fund thing, but I'm glad that I have one and it is working well so far.