Monday, May 24, 2021

Super glue and poor design

For a while, one of the rubber feet on my work laptop constantly falls off. As a temporary solution, I glued it back with nail polish. It works for a few months before I need to reapply it. I knew that I needed to get some super glue soon.

I went to the dollar store on the weekend and picked up a tube. The rubber foot is drying nicely as I type.

The weird thing about the super glue is that it came in a cylindrical container. The glue and the tip were separate when I got them. After screwing on the tip with the lid and using it, the glue does not fit in the container anymore.

Poor design. I'm not about to unscrew the tip and have super glue all over me. Instead, I had an empty mason jar that is now the super glue's new home.


  1. i typically get the tiny tubes, cos there's no way of reusing the stupid glue once it's opened and exposed to air - no matter how I store it, airtight, in fridge etc it always gets glued shut by the next time I go to use it!

    1. Same here! I got the smaller ones the last time and they all dried out, whether already used or not. I tend to get super glue at the dollar store because they don't last long. I'm okay with one-time usage, which seems to be the case for me!