Thursday, November 21, 2019

Layoffs and canned presentation

I normally work from home on Wednesdays. I changed things up due to my two medical appointments and went into work yesterday.

It was an interesting day to be in the office. The good news is that I had a massive full rack of ribs for lunch. There was a deal going on at a local restaurant. I took advantage of it.

The downside was that a snap meeting was held while my student, manager, and I were out having lunch. It's ridiculous to call a meeting fifteen minutes before it starts and during the lunch hour.

It turns out that six people were laid off in my department. It's difficult to tell whether it was due to performance or that they had been with the company for eons. They were gone. Just like that.

One person was on my team. I didn't expect him to be turfed. This person's manager was also let go.

My manager was candid with me during our regular biweekly meeting. He though that he would be the one to go. It was an odd statement. He said that I would be fine.

It's difficult to say whether I am truly safe. That being said, I do my job well. Folks know that if I leave for whatever reason, my department will suffer.

I am hoping that things get better.

In the meantime, there is great news. I was supposed to do a five-minute presentation on Monday with two other colleagues in front of our entire department. That presentation has been scrapped. Yay!


  1. I know and love that feeling of getting out of something that's dreaded or you're not looking forward to.
    I had a similar situation and was really making myself nervous and upset, more than needed and was taking it out on my husband especially the morning of the presentation. The presentation was not cancelled and went fine. Except that I'd been being such a handful (downright b****y) to my husband,who'd been very patient with me and tried his best. I was getting out of control and snapped back at him for maybe the 100th time when he finally had enough and threw me over his knee to give me the spanking of my life before I finished dressing. He had my attention but I was angry as I guess I hadn't let enough go and I mouthed off. He grabbed the hairbrush and finished the job. I got the point and sincerely apologized seeing how out of control I let myself get. I did the presentation first thing that morning with my butt on fire and stinging. Standing in a skirt in front of everyone I was very self conscious as I almost felt like they were as aware of my sore rear end as I was especially when I turned my back toward them. (Obviously not but still felt it)
    The best part of the presentation was that I was standing up. (LOL but serious)
    I apologized to my husband again later, realizing what I'd been putting him through. We both know I received that morning what I deserved and needed. He promised next time he wouldn't wait as long to put me over his knee. Presentations are a part of my job so either I learned from the last time or there will be a refresher course. LaTonya W.

    1. Wow! Thanks for sharing your story with me, LaTonya. You got quite the spanking and the hairbrush to top things off. I long to get a spanking these days, so it makes me happy when folks like you share such moments with me.

      I am glad that your presentation went well. We have our moments! Thanks for dropping by and hope you do again soon. =)