Saturday, November 23, 2019

Being nice can make someone day and your own

I had my ophthalmologist appointment yesterday. I am doing great. My next appointment has been extended to five months. This one was four months later.

I didn't like dealing with one staff member there who had a horrible tone in her voice, accusing me of not signing a consent form and then asking for my health insurance. She was shocked when I questioned her on how often I needed to sign said form. I don't sign things because you tell me to. I need to know why. I enjoyed giving her advice to call patients for such details before they come into the clinic. No one likes surprises. No one likes to be told, "You didn't sign the consent form." Why can't people word things well these days?

Anyway, with my eyes dilated, sitting in the waiting area, an older woman sat down across from me. Our eyes met. I was smiling. She reciprocated. I think she made my day and vice-versa.

We started talking. My name was called. I apologized and went over for yet another brief test. We ended up sitting next to each other, as there are a couple of tests that shuffle you around the waiting area.

We got to talk. It was nice. She and her daughter drove from Wasaga Beach. It's a good distance to travel down for a medical appointment. She told me that there's tons of snow up there. There isn't any snow left in Scarborough.

When it was my turn to get my eye injection, I wished both of them a good day. They reciprocated.

It's good to be nice. Pass it on!

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