Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Outlet shopping and fondling

After work last Wednesday, my two guests from Sweden, my guy, and I were off to the outlet mall. Getting there takes twenty minutes by car from work. However, during heavy Toronto rush hour traffic, it could take longer.

My guy could only shop for a bit before he had to head home. The outlet mall is on his way home. As for me, I was travelling further away from my home. That was fine.

I took the Swedes in my car. I had to ask my guy whether he knew where he was going. He is a self-professed, directionally challenged guy. He was okay. He had his trusty GPS.

I got there in a decent time and backed into a spot in the parking lot. The Swedish guy admired my rear backup camera in my car and liked how effortlessly it was for me to back into any spot.

We walked over and stood in front of the Hudson's Bay store. We were trying to synchronize our watches to figure out when we should meet after we split up to go on our own shopping sprees.

I got a text from my guy, asking where we were. I told him that we were in front of his favourite store. About two minutes later, he was there. He wasn't surprised that I was there sooner than he did. He shared that I had a lead foot.

We all went into his favourite store. Eventually, the Swedes left for more higher priced goods. My guy and I stayed there for a decent period. My guy loves shopping for clothes. I love seeing him in clothes that make him even more attractive than he already is.

We were looking at cashmere sweaters.
"What do you think of this mustard-coloured sweater?" he asked me.
"It would look good on you. You don't have that colour. How about the green one?"
"I don't need another green one. I love the one that you gave me last year," he said in his sweet way.
"Well, they have these sweaters in ketchup, mustard, and relish. You're a hot dog," I concluded.
Before he got disgusted by my statement, I quickly added the following:
"You have nice buns."
He smiled and chuckled. It was corny, but true.

We then headed over to the men's jacket section.
"What size do you take?" I asked him.
"Either a 42 or 44 long," he replied.
"I already knew about the long part," I said, which he liked.
We headed back to the sweater section.
"I like this sweater," my guy pointed out. "I need a large."
"I know. You are always large," I replied.
We slowly left the sweater aisle. He was ahead of me, reached back, and knew exactly where my crotch was. He was playing with it. He's such a fun, naughty guy.

The best part was sitting on a black cushioned bench. My guy was trying on a spiffy pair of dress shoes. He bent over to tie his shoelaces after he was done. I helped myself. I reached over and groped his butt. He looked at me, happy at how affectionate I was. I gave him a side hug and rested my head against his chest.

Unfortunately, my guy didn't buy anything, but he liked the selection that he found that evening. I was going to buy a pair of Canada red mittens. They go to a worthy cause, and they are both warm and stylish.

I went to pay for them. My guy immediately plopped down money and paid for them. He is so sweet and thoughtful.

I wish shopping were always this fun. It helps to shop with someone you love who also likes causing a bit of mischief.


  1. What a fun shopping trip CB and I love the way you snick the hot dog reference in there! ;) BTW...when is your guy's birthday? You might want to consider some of the things he picked out as a gift.

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. My guy's birthday is in March. I already have his gifts. I am that prepared, but I do take hints from him whenever we go shopping. So, you suggestion completely aligns with my gift-giving strategies. =)