Monday, January 12, 2015

Texts, Wallet Ninja, and airport security

It's always tough when my guy leaves on business. He left on Saturday night. We couldn't see each other on Saturday, so I asked that he contact me somehow before he flew off, just to let me know that he was okay.

My guy is scheduled to be in Thailand for two weeks. It may change. Naturally, change is a norm in most workplaces, and ours is certainly no exception.

My guy and I exchanged texts for over an hour. It was nice, but it started off a tad rough with the news that he had.

For Christmas, I gave my guy the Wallet Ninja. Its packaging states that it is TSA-approved, meaning that you can store it in your wallet, as designed, and you can bring it on the plane as a carry-on item.

Well, there was a fuss at the security area when my guy went through it with the Wallet Ninja. The supervisor actually had to come over to inspect it.

My guy told me about the issue with my gift. I felt bad. He told me that it wasn't my fault. I snapped a screenshot of the Wallet Ninja's TSA-approved line and sent it to him. We are so predictable, which is comforting.

Naturally, he showed the screenshot to the supervisor. The latter guy's response was that "all products say that they're TSA-approved."

Really? Wouldn't those companies get sued if that were the case? Wouldn't consumer agencies say something about such false claims? My guy wasn't impressed. Neither was I.

I asked my guy what happened. I got the play-by-play broadcast. His Wallet Ninja got confiscated. I told my guy that I have a spare one, so it's his. He told me that I'm such a sweet person.

I was more concerned whether he would make his flight. He did. He was boarding his flight ten minutes later, so I was pleased and relieved.

My guy felt like punching someone after his security ordeal. I asked him not to punch the guy sitting next to him, as we both didn't have that much money to bail him out of jail and I didn't want to hear about his ordeal on the news.

I also said that I would kiss him if I were with him, but could offer a virtual one. That cheered him up.

We are similar in that we get annoyed under such conditions, but always manage to comfort each other. It's good.

As crazy as it is to send a kiss emoticon, I did. I could tell that he liked that. I was pleased that he was okay. I was, too.


  1. So sorry your guy got his Wallet Ninja confiscated but he was lucky to have you being so supportive and comforting. The think that really sucks regarding airport security is that each airport interprets regulations differently. You really should contact the company where you purchase the Wallet Ninja and let them know that your guy's was confiscated...they might be willing to refund your money in the spirit of good customer service. Just a suggestion. ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. Thanks for the advice, Cat. Unfortunately, I bought the Wallet Ninja from Groupon. Technically, the refund policy is over, but I will see if the company is willing to do anything for me. Frankly, it's an issue with Wallet Ninja on marketing that it is TSA-approved, which it clearly wasn't in my guy's case. I have contacted Wallet Ninja, so we'll see if anything happens.

  2. A thoughtful gift. A gift so appreciated it is taken abroad. And security that just want more security. Not for themselves, I might add. And yet, two people left feeling bad.

    A virtual hug to you both,

    1. Well said, Han. I did give my guy a replacement one. We both agree that it's a great invention, but not being able to have it in your wallet at all times isn't convenient. My guy even told the security jerk to keep it for himself, even though he didn't deserve to have it.