Monday, November 19, 2012

Souvenir from Amsterdam

My guy claims that he is horrible at the art of gift-giving. I disagree. Well, he is better now at it than he was a year ago.

As you know, my guy travels quite a bit. When we first started seeing each other, we bought me chocolates and a mug from Portugal. He then went to Germany and bought me another mug.

Although I have always appreciated that he thinks about me when he is away, the trend of getting a mug each time was a bit scary. He agreed and has mixed things up quite a bit since our little chat. Frankly, it was difficult to delicately tell him that I can only drink out of so many mugs in a week. He was incredibly understanding.

Last Friday, we were talking in the office. My guy opened one of his desk drawers and took out a carefully wrapped package. He told me that he has had it all week and meant to give it to me. I thanked him and unwrapped it.

He gave me this cute momento from Amsterdam:

"It's nice," I said. "The couple reminds me of us. We kiss a lot."
"Yes," my guy agreed. "There is some assembly required. The windmill requires screwing. So, if you need screwing, you know where to go."
"The blue reminds me of how good you look in that colour," I pointed out.
"Too bad the boy doesn't show how hard his cock is," my guy stated with a sheepish grin on his face.
"It's just anatomically incorrect," I said factually. "There's also a hole at the bottom of the windmill."
Yep, I had my finger up the windmill. My guy laughed at our sexually innuendo-laced conversation.

My guy wanted to get me salt and pepper shakers that were penises. That would have been funny if they said something or moaned while I had my hands wrapped around them.


  1. What a sweet souvenir!


  2. Thanks, Herminone! It was a cute and thoughtful gift from him. It's sitting right in front of me on my computer desk. =)