Thursday, November 08, 2012

Getting spanked and finding myself in dopey mode

Last Friday was my last day of a four-day training course. I got to work later than usual, thanks to waiting for the slowest train you could encounter that was crossing a major street. I have no idea why this street does not have an overpass for trains. I don't even understand why a long cargo train would crawl that slowly during rush hour.

Anyway, I got to work at around 08:40 after I had taken an alternative route. My guy got to work even later. He told me that traffic going eastbound along highway 401 was horrible. He actually had to take the 403 to get to work. So, he arrived at 09:40.

As you know, my guy and I keep a working relationship when we're at work. On Friday, it was too difficult for us. Just when I thought that my guy couldn't get any sweeter than he already is, he completely proves me wrong.

He walked into the training room, passed by me, and discreetly poked my right side. Of course, I immediately squirmed, for I am ticklish. I asked him later if the poke was deliberate. It was.

Lunch time had finally arrived. Practically everyone evacuated the training room. My guy came back about fifteen minutes later and noticed that I was still there.
"How come you didn't come upstairs?" he asked me. "Is it that bad?"
"I just don't want to talk to the part-time writer," I admitted. "Every time she opens her mouth, I feel like I have to challenge whatever nonsense come out of her."
My guy nodded. He got his sandwich and sat next to me. We ate and talked. He then went over to the window and closed the blinds.

He sat next to me again. He leaned over and kissed me on the lips. We kissed for quite a bit. My left hand held his. My right arm was giving him a side hug. I then proceeded to rub his head.

We stopped for a brief period. My guy went to lock the main door.

He came back and made me come. It was quite the lunch break. My guy had to comment again about the double v-neck sweater that I had worn to work the other day. He felt that it was feminine and sexy. I wanted to blush!

We spent another few hours in the course. When our class was over, we headed upstairs.

We got into the lunch room. I was leading the way.
"Stop!" he said. I did. We kissed. He groped my buttocks. I was melting.
"How am I supposed to go back and do work?" I asked him rhetorically.
My guy is off to The Hague next week. We talked for a bit before we called it a week.

We got into an empty elevator. Yes, we kissed some more as if we were high school sweethearts. He groped my buttocks again. I felt like Jell-O!
"How about we spend some time in the treehouse?" he proposed.
"Sounds good," I said.
"You can ride with me," he said.
So, we got in his car and he drove us to our regular spot. We climbed into the backseat. He showed me a wool sweater that he had bought. It felt nice. It was blue, which he looks good in.

We continued to kiss. He made me reach orgasm again by simply rubbing me with my jeans on.

It wasn't enough. We both knew it. He put his hand down my jeans and panties. He fingered my butt and my clit. Moments later, I climaxed. It was nice. I was starting to get dopey.

I touched his cock, which was as hard as a rock. He whispered in my ear.
"Today isn't about me. It's about you," he said, gently moving my hand away from his member and carefully placing my hand on my lap as he kissed me.
He lightly slapped by backside four times. He then gave me a few hard smacks over my jeans.
"What's that for?" I asked innocently.
"It's for being a bad girl," he stated, pinching each cheek in between smacks.
"I don't think I deserved to be punished," I reasoned. It didn't matter to him, as he continued to work on my backside.
"You are such a slut," he said. "You've been naughty. Do you agree?"
"I've been a good girl," I said defiantly.
"Oh, really?" he said in a surprised tone.
I pushed the right button. He spanked me hard. For the first time, he spanked me six times in rapid succession. He normally spanks me methodically. He was spanking me both out of pleasure and in a disciplining, you-need-this-punishment way, which was an incredible turn-on.

He pinched my backside as hard as he was spanking me. I loved it. My butt was getting sore. He scolded me during the entire session. I liked it.

He stopped and kissed me. We hugged for a bit. My guy wanted to touch me. He undid my jeans and played with my clit.
"You are really wet," he told me.
"Is that surprising to you?" I said with a smile.
Yep, he pleasured me so well that I came again.
"You are so easy to pleasure," he said.
"You do a great job," I said, in quite a dopey state of mind.
"You deserve it."
My guy found my dopey state to be both cute and sweet. He was pinching my vagina, aggressively groping my breasts, and slapping me on my right cheek. I actually had to put my hand on top of his and tell him to stop slapping my face. He was trying to wake me up from being dopey, but he loved the thought of taking advantage of me.

My guy tickled me. All I recall is holding both his hands down with mine, as if I were handcuffing him. He crawled over me to get out of the car. It felt like he was on top of me in the backseat, kind of playing Twister, but without the colour-coded vinyl map.
"Are you humping me?" I asked in a dazed voice.
"Yes," he said, simulating anal sex, but with our clothes on.
I am not sure how I managed to get out of the backseat and into the passenger shotgun seat, but I did. I sounded dopey. My guy smiled at me. He thought that it was endearing. He drove me to my car.
"Tonight should sustain you while I am gone," he told me.
"It probably will," I said.
"Will you be okay?" he asked me.
"I think so."
"Have your car window down for a bit to get some fresh air," he suggested. "We'll talk on Skype soon."
"Maybe," I said, which is my way of saying yes.
I got out of the treehouse. It was a nice evening. I knew that I would sleep well. I could tell that he was going to miss me as much as I tend to miss him when he is away on business.