Saturday, November 17, 2012

He's back and so was treehouse time!

On Monday, my guy and I saw each other at work for the first time in over a week. Seeing him was a sight for sore eyes. I mean that literally. I was working away at my cubicle, staring at the computer monitor when he walked in.

We talked for quite some time. It was nice to catch up.

What? We didn't immediately drive over to our regular spot and climb into the treehouse? Oddly, no, we didn't. We chatted for what seemed to be hours.

Treehouse time was on Wednesday.

My guy was in a training class all week. Our company has clients in this training class who do pre-sales. On Monday, my guy had mentioned to me that the class was boring and suggested that I come visit him.

So, he came up from the training room to see me on Wednesday. We could both tell just by looking at each other that we were happy to see each other. He asked me how my drive into work was. I asked him how training was going. It was a nice ten-minute chat.

I then whispered to my guy whether the offer to visit this training class was still on. It was.

Did I tell you that the part-time writer at work drives me nuts? Well, going to this training class was a nice diversion. I took my laptop and cell phone with me, and walked to the elevators with my guy.

We got into an elevator. We had it all to ourselves. The doors closed. I caressed the back of his head as our lips met. My guy was hugging me with one hand and rubbing my crotch with the other.
"I've missed you," I said, as we briefly parted lips for a few seconds.
"I have missed you, too."
We kissed a bit more before we got to the main floor. We walked to the training room. My guy introduced me to the four clients. The training course then continued.

I had taken this course a couple of weeks ago, so I had all the examples coded and took them out. My guy sat next to me. He discreetly touched my back and right shoulder. It was nice.

After the course was over for the day, my guy and I walked out of the room, and waited for an elevator. We got into yet another empty one. We got in. The doors closed.
"You look exceptionally pretty today," he said to me in a seductive tone.
"I think you're delusional," I said, as I leaned in to kiss him.
"Maybe I have just missed you," he admitted, as we kissed again.
The doors opened a floor earlier than expected. We hit the proper floor number.
"I don't know what I am doing," my guy stated.
"Me, neither. It's okay," I responded, as we kissed some more.
The doors opened. We got out of the elevator. It was the correct floor, too.
"Let's get out of here and have some treehouse time," my guy stated.
"Sounds perfect."
The only thing that wasn't perfect was that it was my time of the month. So, I couldn't share the fun of using my new vibrator with my guy. It just meant that I could focus more on my guy.

We drove to our usual spot and got into the treehouse. We held hands. He kissed the back of my hand, which he finds smooth. We continued from where we had left off. We locked lips and kissed. French kissed. Licked lips. Kissed.

My guy kissed my chin, which he has always found to be cute. He proceeded to kiss my face and my neck.

My hand moved down to his left side. He did the same to my right side, except that I started to giggle. I am ticklish.
"You are so sweet," he said to me.
"Because I am ticklish, right?"
My guy finds my being ticklish to be sweet and cute. It doesn't bother him one bit.

I had my left hand squeezing his right thigh. He moved my left hand over to his crotch. His penis was hard. I held it in my hand. It was erect.

He unbuckled his belt and unzipped his trousers, pulling them and his briefs off. I started to jerk him off.
"You are so angelic," he said in a relaxed voice.
"I am your angelic slut," I said.
"I love that."
"I am angelic to everyone. But, no one knows that I have another side. I am your slut and only we know about that side."
"I love both your sides," he stated, as I continued to give him a handjob.
Last week on Skype, my guy had pointed out that it has been a while since I gave him a blowjob. So, I made amends and went down on him, inviting his hard cock into my mouth. I sucked the tip of it for a bit before I started licking his cock's shaft while moving my lips up and down it. He moved his hand down to my left buttock. He pinched and groped it. It turned me on immensely.

My guy was thoroughly enjoying it. I moved my hand from under his right thigh and played with his balls.

Moments later, he came. He entered dopey mode. I asked him if he was happy. He was. His being happy makes me happy.
"It's nice that I can touch both your heads simultaneously," I said, with my right hand still holding his cock and my left hand caressing his head. He laughed.
What was particularly special to me was my kissing his forehead and head several times. At one point, I rested my cheek on his head between kisses. I enjoy tender moments like this one. He had a permanent smile on his face.

We definitely had missed each other. We talked for quite a bit afterward. It was nice to catch up and to spend some quality time with him again.


  1. lovely lovely!! glad you had treehouse time.

    and i'm hoping you get a vacation together soon too.

  2. Thanks, Fondles! I had definitely missed treehouse time as much as my guy did.

    It doesn't look like my guy has any vacation days left for this year and travel seems less promising this year. Here's hoping we can vacation in early 2013. =)