Friday, July 13, 2012

Spanking meme - my answers

I saw the great answers that Renee Rose had posted on her blog that I wanted to partake in this fun spanking meme. So, here goes:

Would you rather be spanked outside in a cold woodshed or inside by a cozy fire?
I would prefer being spanked inside by a cozy fire. It can get cold in the winter in Canada, you know!

Would you rather be spanked in public or private? 
I have always been spanked in private. I would love to be spanked in public (playful swats in public don't count, but I like those, too).

Would you rather fantasize about spanking or actually be spanked?

I like both. When my guy is away, fantasizing helps. Of course, being spanked is great.

Would you rather be spanked for humiliation or for your spanker's pleasure? 

Would you rather be spanked by hand or hairbrush?
I like being spanked by my guy's hand. It's more personal. I don't mind the hairbrush. Both do their job nicely.

Would you rather be spanked until you cried or until you are aroused?
I have done both. I like the latter more.

Would you rather have just a red bottom or welts/bruises?

Red bottom, for sure. I am not big on having welts or bruises.

Would you rather be spanked for the naughty things you have done or just because you enjoy the experience?
I like both. I like having a reason for being spanked sometimes. Otherwise, I love being spanked just because I like it.

Would you rather be spanked with panties up or panties down?
I like being spanked with my panties on at first. I am highly aroused when they come down and my spanking continues across my bare bottom.

Would you rather be spanked OTK or bent over a table/chair?
I like both positions, but I'd rather be across my guy's lap. Just like a hand spanking, I find the spanking to be a personal one when I am over his knee.

Would you rather your spanker have physical contact with you?

Would you rather be a brat to your spanker to deserve a spanking or simply ask your spanker for a spanking because you know you needed it?
Recently, I have played the part of a brat. It doesn't make my guy immediately spank me. When I do ask him after being bratty, "Have I been bad?" he will immediately have me over his knee and soundly spanked. I love it!

Have you received a spanking in the last week?


Would you rather be spanked for the physical pleasure or the emotional release?
Physical pleasure. However, there are times when I do need an emotional release and being spanked helps.

Would you rather be spanked by a despotic, mean person or by a compassionate, benevolent person? 
I like the latter. I don't care for being spanked by someone who is mean.

Would you rather be talked to while you are spanked or no talking at all? 
I like it when my guy tells me that I have been a naughty girl while he spanks me. It turns me on.

Would you rather get one swat at a time with pauses to let the sting set in or a continuous tanning to build up the fire?
My guy likes the former. The pauses make me contemplate what I have done and keeps me guessing as to which buttock he will spank next. He will increase the intensity and the time after a bit, but it's never really a blazingly fast spanking.

Would you rather be forced into a spanking or willingly submit into a spanking?
I like willingly submitting into a spanking.

Would you rather have a safe word or be pushed beyond your preconceived limits?
I have a pretty high pain threshold. It depends on my mood. Sometimes, I want to figure out what my limits are. However, the safe word always rules.

Would you rather spanking be part of love making or not a part of love making?
I used to enjoy being spanked, with the love-making aspect being secondary, but this was with the ex-husband. These days, I like how my guy incorporates spanking in our love-making. It's a wonderful balance.

Would you rather that spanking be a surprise or something that you have to look forward to?
Both! I love when my guy surprises me with a spanking. I also look forward to receiving a spanking, especially when he tells me, "You're going to be spanked later on today." I look forward to being spanked for the rest of the day!

Would you rather that spanking be a part of role playing kinkiness or a response to events that have happened in reality?
We do and I like both!

Would you rather be cuddled or scolded after a spanking?
I am a naturally cuddler. He likes it when we cuddle, too.


  1. Yay! I love your answer about panties being up and then coming down in the middle of it-- you're right, that's very hot!

  2. If it weren't for your post, I would have never participated in the meme, so I need to thank you!

    I have always loved being spanked over my panties, followed by having them pulled down. It never fails to get me excited. =)