Friday, July 20, 2012

Missing him, being missed, and modelling black, lacy panties

I miss my guy. I could tell that he has been missing me a lot lately, too.

My guy knows that I work from home on Thursdays. This morning, he sent me a message on Skype just after 09:00, asking if I was online. Half an hour later, we briefly typed to each other on Skype before we went into a voice conversation.

I love hearing his voice. He will be the first person to say that he doesn't like his own voice. I find it sexy, though. The feeling is mutual about my voice, too, except that I don't like hearing my voice played back in a voicemail recording or something similar.

We talked for half an hour. It was nice to catch up. I just got a new laptop at work, so I have been busy installing software and configuring various settings. He is still in St. Petersburg on a business trip. He comes home this Sunday.

He asked whether we could talk again later on in the day. I was fine with that plan.

We talked again at around 14:30. He told me that he loves my cute chin. He misses my smile. I miss kissing him on the lips, among other activities.

He wasn't sure if he was using the expression, bottom out, properly. I said that he was. I told him that my default expression, which applies to me only these days, is bottoms up. He agreed. Lately, he has been telling me that I have a cute backside that he can't wait to punish. He also indicated that he loves the visual of my bending over a desk with my butt sticking out for him to smack, while enjoying the look of my legs stretched out.

My guy wanted to hear my voice. He wanted me to talk about anything. So, I provided a follow-up discussion about getting black, lacy panties. I told him that I got a couple of comfortable ones this week.

We did something different today. He wanted me to take pictures of my wearing a pair of black lacy panties. He wanted front, side, and backside pictures of my modelling a pair. It was the first time that I have ever taken photos of myself wearing cute panties, but I complied like a good girl.

I took a couple of shots of my having my panties down my legs. He likes the contrast of the panties against my skin. However, he likes looking at my legs and I thought that I'd be creative.

I uploaded them to Skype. He was horny. He was happy after seeing my pictures, which is putting it mildly.

We got into a phone sex session effortlessly. It was wonderful. The imagery of our bodies pressed up against each other as we make love is sweet and sensual. His telling me that he can't wait to hump me was his way of saying that he was longing for me. My craving to be hugged and spanked by him was normal, but I especially miss him these days.
"I will be back next week," he said to me after our session.
"It'll be great to see you again, especially in the treehouse," I stated.
"Yes. Two weeks without being with you is far too long."
I couldn't agree more.