Thursday, December 29, 2005

Light spanking

I came back home on a plane flight this evening. G was at the airport to greet me. I have missed him so much. We hugged. He whispered in my ear that I'd be spanked tonight.

We were both hungry, so we went out for dinner. The food was amazing and we chatted.

I got home and G said that I'd be spanked immediately. I changed into my pajamas. He was already lying down on our king-sized bed, with his underwear-clothed bottom exposed. I couldn't help but to give him a few spanks on his adorable bum, telling him that he was a naughty boy. I then hugged him after I was done and then went over his lap.

He spanked me for a good three minutes straight. I was being awfully sarcastic, saying that my bottom was apparently sore and red. I hadn't even been spanked on my bare bottom and it wasn't exactly the most severe spanking I've received from G. My comment was just a prelude to a more serious punishment in the near future.

I loved getting lovetaps tonight. I've missed G so.

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