Sunday, July 17, 2022

Back from vacation and an update on my left hand

Long time, no write!

A combination of trying to rest my wrist and going on vacation for over two weeks has caused me to stop blogging. All of it was much needed.

My wrist felt good until the end of my trip. I laundered my wrist splint, so I went out without wearing it so it could air-dry. 

I visited the Aquarium Restaurant in Nashville. There's a huge aquarium smack in the middle, so you dine and watch the fish, sharks, stingrays, and more swim. I was looking right up at the aquarium by walking over to it after I was done eating. The base had this slant going upwards and the floor was sticky. I had a slight misstep and needed to balance myself with my left hand that I rested against the glass. So, my hand hurt again. Stupid, sticky floor!

I will say that my left hand's range of motion is much better, but I do need to take it easy and wear my splint all the time. I have a backup splint now, so I should be fine. Here's hoping.

It was a half-step back, but I'm still going forward.

Nashville was so much fun. It was extremely hot and humid, with temperatures at least 31°C and higher.

I hope you are all doing well!


  1. I went to Nashville some years ago with my husband who was attending a conference in the Opryland Hotel. That was an amazing place. We went on a tour of the city, visited the Opryland Museum and saw Elvis's gold piano. I went on a trip to the new Ryman theatre with the other spouses, and we all stood on the stage and sang. There was a square of flooring on the stage taken from the old Ryman. No aquarium at that time though.


    1. I'm glad that you had an awesome time in Nashville! Visiting this city wasn't on the radar until I saw that one of my favourite bands, Guster, was playing with the Nashville Symphony. I had a great time and look forward to returning when it's not so hot and humid!