Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Folks needing to comment and looking ridiculous during it

I got a bit annoyed with a comment that someone had left me the other day. She was responding to my review of a salad establishment.

She basically asked why I was craving salad for a month when I could have bought some at the grocery store. This person decided to nitpick one particular sentence without seeing the greater picture.

It's not like I was sitting on my salad craving for a month, which was her interpretation. If she had looked at my other reviews or photos, she would have seen salads before and after this review. 

I basically told her that it didn't make sense doing grocery shopping in a city an hour away, heading home to toss a salad with my grocery items, and returning to this city to resume my errands. I wasted time writing an explanation. It should have been unnecessary, but she truly didn't get it.

I find that with social media, folks feel the need to comment on everything. She was being mildly critical without understanding that I needed to eat lunch and decided to get some at an eatery. 

Sometimes, less is more. It's the case here.


  1. Sound like a plausible explanation to be :)


  2. i had the same experience with a friend who left a comment on my FB recently. It would have been easier for me to just NOT reply but I take the view that it's MY page and I should not have to limit my words or pla what I should say in order to pre-empt their response.

    You eat whatever salad you wanna eat whenever you wanna eat it! LOL

    1. People are interesting. I felt the same way. I could have ignored this person's comment, but I did have to set the record straight and debunk her odd interpretation.

      And, yes, I'm still in a salad phase and I will enjoy eating salad until I turn into a salad myself... lol